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Pockeet-sized Bomb Detector

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Pockeet-sized Bomb Detector

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Introductionç«ÂŠ�sing LPL S-IPS panel, colourful, clear sharp images, image permeability, dark rich details, highlighting some of the better performance.
Detailsç«ÂŠ�br />ES-4PD Pocket-sized detector

This model is a pocket-sized, hand held device for the detection of a wide variety of explosives. It can detect explosives from distances of up to 150 meters, even when the explosive is hidden behind walls or metal barriers such as building or vehiches. Moreover, it also has outstanding effective detection for fired weapon which is a musthave instrument in antiterrorism area.
Technical parameters:
Specifications: 35(L) x 32(W) x 100(H)mm;
Weight of the product: 550 g;
Detection rate: for >50 g active compound, behind barrier: – 2 – 50m >90%
Detection rate: for >1000 g active compound behind barrier: – 100m >90% (depending on type of explosive the distance increase up to 150m)
Total false rate: < 10%
Operational temperature: -20°C – +50°C,
Wind: up to 1m/s
Tested compounds:
TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite (diesel), PETN, RDX, Gun powder, Semtex, C49. Other commercial explosives
Scenarios of application:
1.Building searches (warehouses, schools, banks)
2.Parking lots
3.Crowd security
4.Aircraft, luggage and cargo
5.Police patrols
6.S.W.A.T. teams
7.Land mine detection
8.Military patrols
Unlike many devices that require the operator to be in close proximity to unstable explosives, offers safe localization of an explosive or weapon from a distance. It does not contain any dangerous chemicals or hazardous material. This makes it both environmentally friendly and safe for the operator to use.
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